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Jan Willem Campmans is mostly  a visual artist but likes to keep things in a broad perspective. He's a father of two sons, lives and works in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. He paints autonomously and commissioned, likes new media, internet and loves to develop new concepts on the go. He also teaches arts, plays some guitar, and likes his coffee with sugar.


His paintings always have a responsive and expressive character. His work is a dynamic chaos ranging from expressive to figurative and everything in between. Sometimes serious social commentary, sometimes just abstract, but always in a remarkably personal style . He also deals with projection mapping with his LiGHT-UP collective.  and has commissioned work for the Dutch Oerol Festival, MOJO and STRP and many others. Check out for more awesomess.


Do you have any questions, comments or are you an Nigerian prince? Leave a message on this site or connect with Jan Willem through the magical world of social media. Go click the little buttons below and surf the digital wave of internetz.

Jan Willem Campmans  •  Archimedeslaan 16  •  3584 BA Utrecht  •  Phone: +316 81489024

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